Dilemmic Epistemology
Knowledgeable Assertion in the Image of Knowledgeable Belief
Uniqueness, Rationality, and The Norm of Belief
Guidance, Obligations, And Ability.
No Excuses: Against The Knowledge Norm of Belief
Do We Matter?
Consistency And Evidence.
Is Knowledge The Ability To φ For The Reason That P?
Luminosity Failure, Normative Guidance, and the Principle ‘Ought-Implies-Can’
A Trilemma For Fallibilist Purism
  • under review
Is The Self A Fiction?
  • in progress
Normative Dilemmas
  • in progress
Why Knowing Matters
  • in progress
On Doxastic Planning
  • In progress
Epistemic Dilemmas: Some Objections Considered
  • In progress