This page is for those attending meetings of the Oxford Epistemology Group. During Michaelmas we will meet Thursdays 2pm-3.30pm on Zoom, except week 5 when we will meet 4pm-5.30pm. Email me if you have any questions.
  • Week 1 (Oct 15th): Rachel Fraser leads discussion on Builes, Horowitz, and Schoenfield’s “Dilating and Contracting Arbitrarily”
  • Week 2 (Oct 22th): Robin McKenna talk: “Intellectual Autonomy”
  • Week 3 (Oct 29th): Daniel Kodsi leads discussion on Carter and Goldstein’s “The Normality of Error”
  • Week 4 (Nov 5th): Zoe Johnson King talk: Radical Internalism [LATE START – 4PM]
  • Week 5 (Nov 12th): Bernhard Salow talk
  • Week 6 (Nov 19th): David Thorstad talk: ‘Inquiry and the Epistemic’
  • Week 7 (Nov 26th): Adam Carter talk: ‘Trust as Performance’
  • Week 8 (Dec 3rd): Timothy Williamson talk
Previous schedules
Summer 2020
  • July 16th: Renee Bolinger talk: #BelieveWomen and the Ethics of Belief
  • July 30th: Thi Nguyen talk: Value Capture
  • August 13th: Jessie Munton talk: Cognitive Flexibility and the Epistemology of Search Engines
  • August 27th: Rima Basu: The Parent Trap: How Doxastic Wrongdoing Starts at Home
Previous schedules
Trinity 2020
  • Week 2 (May 7th): Bob Beddor and Carlotta Pavese discuss Modal Virtue Epistemology
  • Week 3 (May 14th): Richard Roth leads discussion on Hawthorne & Yli-Vakkuri’s Being In A Position To Know
  • Week 4 (May 21st): Kevin Dorst talk “Fine-Tuning and Varieties of Divine Indifference”
  • Week 5 (May 28th): Clayton Littlejohn talk “n-1 Guilty Children”
  • Week 6 (June 4th): Maria-Rosa Antognazza talk” “The Distinction of Kind Between Knowledge and Belief”
  • Week 7 (June 11th): Pietro Cibinel talk “Information Value and Accuracy Gain”
  • Week 8 (June 18th): Matt Hewson talk
Hilary 2020
  • Week 1 (Jan 23rd): Rachel Fraser talk: “Beliefs are Resolutions”
  • Week 2 (Jan 30th): Nick Hughes leads discussion on Maria Lasonen-Aarnio’s: ‘Dispositional Evaluations and Defeat’
  • Week 4 (Feb 13th): Claire Field talk: “Explaining (Away) the Irrationality of Epistemic Akrasia”
  • Week 5 (Feb 20th): Maria-Rosa Antognazza talk: “Thinking With Assent” [CANCELLED – STRIKE ACTION]
  • Week 6 (Feb 27th): Beau Madison Mount talk: “Absolute Provability, Safety, and Mechanism”
  • Week 8 (Mar 12th): Silvia Milano talk [CANCELLED – STRIKE ACTION]
Michaelmas 2019
  • Week 1 (Oct 17th): Rachel Fraser leads discussion on Kurt Sylvan’s ‘An Epistemic Non-Consequentialism
  • Week 2 (Oct 24th): Bernhard Salow leads discussion on Jessica Brown’s ‘What is Epistemic Blame?
  • Week 4 (Nov 7th): Alexander Greenberg leads discussion on Daniel Greco’s ‘Justifications and Excuses in Epistemology
  • Week 5 (Nov 14th): Kevin Dorst talk: ”Overconfidence’ is Rational”
  • Week 6 (Nov 21st): Chris Cowie talk: ‘Probability and Normativity’
  • Week 8 (Dec 5th): Nick Hughes talk: ‘Epistemology Without Guidance’