My name is Nick Hughes. I’m a postdoctoral research fellow in philosophy at University College Dublin. In 2015 I completed my Ph.D studying jointly between Arché Philosophical Research Center at the University of St Andrews, and the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature at the University of Oslo. I was full-time at Arché for the first two years of my Ph.D. From August 2012 I divided my time equally between Arché and CSMN. My supervisors were Herman CappelenJessica Brown, and Matthew McGrath. My examiners were Timothy Williamson and Jennifer Lackey.
My research interests lie primarily within epistemology and ethics, but extend to issues in metaethics, decision theory, the psychology of decision making, the theory of rationality, and the philosophy of language. Most of my work to date has focused on the limits of normative guidance, ‘ought-implies-can’ principles, questions about what normative and metaphysical roles knowledge plays, and the relationship between knowledge and rationality. I’m currently thinking about the possibility, nature, and scope, of epistemic dilemmas: situations in which one faces conflicting, and so jointly unsatisfiable, epistemic requirements. in 2017 I published a general audience piece in Aeon Magazine on the question of humanity’s significance within the universe.
In spring 2016 I taught an introductory philosophy course at UiO. In autumn 2015 I created and taught a research Master’s course in epistemology and the philosophy of science at UiO. I taught epistemology and formal logic at St Andrews.
I can be contacted at nickhowellhughes (at) gmail (dot) com